3 Band EME DX-pedition: VP2EMB Anguilla Island in April

Chris PA2CHR en Jos PA3FYC zijn in april 2019 vanaf Anguilla Island via de maan qrv op 3 banden. De heren publiceerde vandaag onderstaand bericht.

Op de VHF-dag in Apeldoorn 23 maart a.s zal Chris PA2CHR een lezing geven over hun laatste Guatemala DXpeditie.


Hello MoonBouncers,

We like to inform you about our upcoming DXpedition to Anguilla Island.

Call:  VP2EMB     Location: FK88MG

Dates:  12 – 20 April, 2019

QRV on:  144 / 432 / 1296 MHz  in JT65  and CW.


144 Mhz:  FT857
2 x 20el. X-pol. 16 dBd. and SSPA
432 MHz:  FT857
new X-pol: 27el. Hor./ 23el. Vert. and SSPA, 400W
1296 MHz:  FT857, GPS locked and transverter
67 el. 19.9 dBd. and SSPA, 150W


We listen on our own echo on 70 and 23cm.  and hope to be online at the HB9Q logger.

Latest info can be found on: http://www.mmmonvhf.de/latest.php   and: www.pa2chr.nl

Online log available on  QRZ page  PA3FYC.

We will publish a timetable very soon so you can see what frequencies will be used during our stay.

Basically this is the same setup as we used last year in Guatemala, see video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnxVaHpQ8_g&t=32s

(Results  144: 261 QSO’s  /  432: 42 QSO’s  / 1296;  49 QSO’s)

Only difference is a new and tested 70cm. X-pol. antenna.


Fortunately we found an apartment in the quiet north part of this very exclusive ‘touristic’ Caribbean area.

In case of a power failure there is a big generator waiting for us J  Let’s hope for not too much QRM in this place.


The total weight of our luggage is over 180 kg. which means a lot of overweight.

This trip is again a big challenge and we hope for some support.

If you like you can make a donation via PayPal to:  post@pa2chr.nl
Please don’t forget to mention your call !

All sponsors will receive a direct QSL.

Please spread this info to other active stations on 2 meter, 70cm. and 23cm.  if possible;  many thanks !


Best 73’s,

Chris, PA2CHR