Donderdag 15 sept 8:14 UTC: ARISS schoolcontact met Spanje

Er is weer een ARISS schoolcontact op komst. Dit keer met de school C.E.PR. Almadén in Jaén, Spanje.

Het contact staat gepland voor donderdag 15 september om 10:14 lokale tijd. Het is een direct contact dat op de grond door EA7URJ wordt verzorgd. Het downlink signaal van ISS moet voor een groot deel in heel Europa waarneembaar zijn op 145,800 MHz smalband FM.

Hieronder volgt de aankondiging van ARISS.

73’s Bertus




C.E.PR. Almadén, Jaén is a Primary Education State School. There are 420 students from 6 to 12 years old. C.E.PR. Almadén is a Multilingual School with French as second and English as third language.

Participants will ask as many of the following questions as time allows:

1. When you were child, have you ever dreamt to be an Astronaut?
2. What do I have to study to be an Astronaut?
3. What do you feel when you see so far the Earth from the space?
4. How is the outer space? Is it nice?
5. What kind of work do you do in the ISS, and what is the purpose?
6. What was the most dangerous mission that you have confronted?
7. What is the ISS speed?
8. How many times does the ISS spend to turn around the Earth?
9. How is a common day in the Station?
10. Have you ever seen an UFO, or any strange object?
11. How do you get water and oxygen on ISS?
12. Are there meteorites dangerous for you?
13. What is the most beautiful experience have you ever had at Space?
14. What happen if the Space suit breaks during EVA?
15. How is the Earth seen from the ISS during the night?
16. How are your meals and foods in the Space?
17. What difficulties do you have for your personal hygiene?
18. Is it possible to see the ISS from the Earth?
19. At this moment where is situated the ISS?
20. What problems could you have when you come back to the Earth?