ISS Schoolcontact op zaterdag 16 april om 18:19 UTC

Op zaterdag 16 april is een schoolcontact gepland met het Science and Engineering Festival, Washington, D.C, in de USA. De verbinding zal dan ook in de Engelse taal worden gedaan.

Naar verwachting is Tim Peake de astronaut die dit keer de vragen van de festival jeugd gaat beantwoorden. Hij gaat de call OR4ISS gebruiken zoals meestal boven Europa.

De verbinding is dit keer een zogeheten telebridge verbinding. Het ARISS grondstation IK1SLD, in Italie, zorgt voor de uplink. Daarom is deze verbinding dan ook goed te horen in een groot deel van Europa.

Afhankelijk van de beschikbare tijd komen de onderstaande vragen aan de orde:
1. Allen: What inspired you to become an astronaut?
2. Hailey: What kind of training did you receive to become an astronaut? What were the hardest parts of it?
3. Angela: What do you do in space when you are not working?
4. Sammy: How is sleeping in space different than sleeping in your bed? I read that you have to be strapped into your bunk during missions.
5. Joseph:  When you get off a boat, sometimes your legs are really wobbly, does this happen when you come home from space? Do you have to readjust to the heaviness of gravity?
6. Zuriel:  On Earth, we get regular check-ups to make sure we are healthy and fit for school or athletics. In space, do you monitor your health, like blood pressure? If so, are the machines that are used altered in any way for space flight?
7. Allen:  We saw online that some of you are conducting research on headaches in space. Are headaches worse in space? Do people get more of them?
8. Hailey:  Do you use 3D printing in space? We have heard that you can print parts to repair things that break.
9. Angela:  Do things go wrong on the Space Station? What do you do to prevent that from happening?
10. Sammy: How does new technology modernize today’s space flight in comparison to early explorations? Does it change how data is collected, or allow for better quality photographs?
11. Joseph:  How would you compare communication with your family compared to how Apollo astronauts communicated with their families? How has technology changed it?
12. Zuriel:  What are some of the problems or challenges with space? travel for someone who is not physically fit? How does NASA ensure you are ready to go into space?
13. Allen:  We have teams to work on our robots, solar cars, and other projects. How is being on the ISS like being on a team?
14. Hailey:  Do the astronauts ever get mad at each other?
15. Angela:  We love Space Movies! Which movies are most accurate? What parts are totally unrealistic in most movies?
16. Sammy:  How long does it take to get to Mars and do you think there will be anyone living there, like astronauts or scientists, in our lifetime?
17. Joseph:  What was the scariest thing that has happened to you while on the Space Station or while blasting off?
18. Zuriel:  While flying over Washington DC, can you see any of the monuments?
19. Allen:  When do you think the general public will be able to take a space trip? How soon do you think it might be a normal thing to do?
20. Hailey:  What are some of your concerns for having untrained people fly into space?
21. Angela:  Have you seen anything that makes you think there might be space aliens?
22. Sammy:  How many days of supplies do you always keep in reserve?
23. Joseph:  If there were a one way mission to Mars, would you try to be on that crew?
24. Zuriel:  What did you do as a kid that helped you prepare to be an astronaut? Anything that you now can see was essential?


73, PE1KEH

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