Amsat-Oscar 44 heeft problemen

Amateur Satellite NO-44 (aka PCSat) has entered into the wrong mode and is broadcasting APRS packets in FM over the 144.390 weak signal section of the 2m band.Whilst this is a USA / Region-2 APRS frequency, it is not in Region-1/3. The problem has been the topic of a series of investigations/comments has and now been confirmed as NO-44

Bob Bruninga WB4APR is aware and hopefully the amateur satellite community will make a determined collaborative effort on a recovery/reset (or closedown) shortly, despite the challenges this involves

Whilst I wish the effort well, please also consider this as an example of why close liaison should be maintained by Member Societies with all satellite groups/activities (inc university cubesats etc) to ensure correct frequency coordination and band plan alignment does occur in order to avoid further interference incidents and comply with ITU regulations which require full control and closedown facilities (see below)

Best regards
Murray G6JYB

RR 25.11 Administrations authorizing space stations in the amateur-satellite service shall ensure that sufficient Earth command stations are established before launch to insure that any harmful interference caused by emissions from a station in the amateur-satellite service can be terminated immediately. (See No. 22.1).

RR 22.1 Space stations shall be fitted with devices to ensure immediate cessation of their radio emissions by Telecommand, whenever such cessation is required under the provisions of these Regulations.