(D)ATV with a 25mtr dish on the 7th of November

(D)ATV with a 25mtr dish on the 7th of November

The Dwingeloo telescope is located in JO32ET in Dwingeloo in the Netherlands. It is the home of PI9CAM and is often used for EME.

But this time it is different. Like we did in 2020 this 25mtr dish will be activated for ATV and DATV on Sunday 7th of November, that is during the BATC Activity weekend. We are only allowed to receive the signals, because it is not allowed to TX terrestrial with the dish. We are receiving on 70cm, 23cm, 13cm and with some luck also on 9cm and 6cm.

This activity is a great chance for ATV-ers to enlarge their best distances. The gain of the telescope is enormous:

  • 70c: 37 dB
  • 23c: 47 dB
  • 13c: 52 dB
  • 9c: 55 dB
  • 6c: 69 dB

Our group will be active on Sunday 7th November 2021  from 7.00 until 12.00 UTC (8.00 – 13.00 local time). Put it in your agenda! We like to work as many stations as we can! Communication is done with the chat on https://dxspot.batc.org.uk/ or via the GHz chat on ON4KST. We ask from stations to show a four digit code.

More information about the telescope on the CAMRAS website. More information about the activity via jaap.last (at) ziggo.nl

Jaap PA0T, Jan, PA3FXB, Erik, PA1ET and Gerard PE1BBI