Frank Tonna F5SE overleden

Op 20 december is Frank Tonna, F5SE overleden, hij mocht slechts 70 jaar worden.

Nadat zijn oudere broer Marc in 1946 de zaak “Antennes Tonna” had opgericht heeft hij op latere leeftijd samen met Marc de zaak verder uitgebreid en werd ook begonnen met internationale verkoop. Wie heeft er niet één gehad! De bekende 9 elements voor 144 MHz en 21 elements voor 432 MHz.

In 2012 hadden wij als LX/PA1TK 16 stuks F9FT antennes voor 144 MHz in gebruik….

We zullen het mooie signaal van F5SE/p JN19XH Courzy iets boven Reims missen, RIP,


Theo G. Köhler PA1TK

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  1. Eric
    Eric zegt:

    On last 20th December, Franck TONNA (F5SE) went silent key at the age of 70.

    Well known on amateur radio’s world, he had many friends in France and in the world.

    His outstanding technical knowledge was matched only by his kindness to share his knowledge.

    Antenna designer, he has long been to the head of « Antennes Tonna » in REIMS et commercialized the famous « F9FT ».

    He was also member and Technical Adviser in radio-club F4KJP in PRIX-LES-MEZIERES (08), where he was particularly appreciated and esteemed. To honor him, F4KJP OMs and YLs will activate a special call sign « TM5SE » in the next weeks.

    They will be active on all bands and all modes on 05th and 06th May, on 2nd and 3rd June, and on 09th and 10th, on 07th and 08 July, on 4th and 5th August, on 1st and 2nd September and on 6th and 7th October 2018.

    A special QSL stamps of Franck will be edited by par the radio club who organize the activation, and will confirm realized contacts (QSL directe or via Bureau).

    This activation will be the occasion for those who knew him to honor his memory and to salute the humility of this exceptional man in the amateur radio community.
    F0elc Alain

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