Linken t.a.v. ongewenste satellietsignalen in de 2 meterband

Het wordt nog erger.

Murray Niman (RSGB) liet het volgende weten:

I do expect some IARU action but not sure if it will change much

We have been in contact with Bob Bruninga to see what may be possible for NO-44/Pacsat but it is made harder by its high orbit, summer sunlight and power budget It is important that east coast USA  stations as well as Europeans amateurs do not digipeat to it and make it worse

After this we did a check on other possible candidates.

Unfortunately by coincidence we are also faced with some additional new USA and Chinese satellites that have both 144.390 and outputs  which could cause even more problems so its already been elevated to the IARU Region-1 level  – Don Beattie is on it already along with Graham Shirville etc


China: (Ignored the coordination process)

– but look at the frequencies pdf file!!!

Two extra USA ones and

So for example see

– which hopefully wont be as bad as the NO-44 example, but is not helpful