Zaterdag 2 febr 15:23 UTC: ISS Schoolcontact met Portugal

Op zaterdag 2 februari 2019 om 15:23:19 UTC is een schoolcontact gepland tussen ISS en het Colégio Campo de Flores in Almada, in Portugal. Het directe contact met de astronaut David St-Jacques, KG5FYI, is voor ons in Nederland voor een goed deel te volgen en wordt in de Engelse taal gevoerd. Het grondstation in de school werkt onder de roepletters CS5SS.

Hieronder volgt nog een korte beschrijving van de activiteiten op de school en de vragen zoals die door de kinderen gesteld gaan worden.

School Information:

Private school build in 1967, which integrates 1.200 students, from Kindergarten until 12th grade.
It has a robotics club which enables students to develop telecommunication skills.
At Colégio Campo de Flores ( there are two teachers who are ham radio (CT1-BOP and CT1-FGK) lovers and do their best to involve students in the activities promoted by the club.
Over 20 students also collaborate in the robotics and radio club.

This club is a tracking satellite stations, too, in association with Swiss Cube, a small satellite of the CubeSat class (1kg – 1dm3) which was built by the Space Center at EPFL and many universities and HES of Switzerland.
Furthermore, our robotics club has got a personal weather station with the ID ISETBALA7 (underground network).

Students First Names & Questions:

1. Carolina (17): In your opinion, what skills must an astronaut have?
2. Artur (17): What would you advise to someone who hopes to be in your place one day?
3. Francisco (17): What effects does space cause on human body?
4. Joao (10): How long did you take to adjust to zero gravity?
5. Dinis (10): Can you describe a typical day on ISS?
6. Maria (10): Which daily routine is harder for you?
7. Sofia (12): What would be a different day aboard ISS?
8. Rafael (12): What do you do not to think about the ones you miss the most?
9. Daniel (12): Besides our planet, what else can you see when you look through the window?
10. Beatriz (11): Have you ever seen a black hole?
11. Martim (12): How do you distinguish day from night?
12. Vicente (12): How do you fight illnesses?
13. Lucas (12): What dangers do you face?
14. Mariana (13): Which technologies allow you to survive?
15. Beatriz (14): Which energy sources do you use on ISS?
16. Margarida (14): What scientific experiments do you perform on ISS?
17. Miguel (15): What are the most interesting/exciting scientific discoveries so far?
18. Goncalo (15): The Earth is becoming overpopulated, do you think that living in space is an alternative?
19. Filipa (16): Is space as polluted as Earth?
20. Beatriz (16): What did you feel when you first saw our planet from space?